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What is the EASA administrative validation of the FAA Basic STCs for second hand aircraft, serial number specific?


This is a simplification of the EASA validation process for the cases where the US STC Holder of a FAA STC classified as Basic is unwilling or unable to apply for EASA validation.

The scope is limited to Fixed Wing aircraft and installed engines, if applicable, in the following categories:

  • > 2 000 kg ≤ 5 700 kg MTOW
  • ≤ 2 000 kg MTOW
  • Very Light Aeroplane
  • Light Sport Aeroplane
  • Powered Sailplanes
  • Sailplanes

Please note that STCs that involve changes which impact the aircraft’s noise characteristics are excluded from this simplified process.

Please note that this process is valid only for Fixed Wing aircraft STCs.

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