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I am applying from a non-EASA Member State, what requirements are there?


A Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) exists between EASA and the USA, Canada and Brazil and aims at the mutual acceptance of certificates.

As per the Technical Implementation Procedure (TIP) with the FAA (US) and TCCA (Canada), applicants applying to EASA have to submit their EASA application via their local FAA/TCCA office and request that their application be forwarded to EASA. The FAA/TCCA will forward the complete application package to EASA together with the FAA/TCCA concurrence letter. Applications that have not been forwarded via the FAA or the TCCA are considered incomplete and cannot be registered.

For further information on the TIP - FAA, click here.
For further information on the TIP - TCCA, click here.
For further information on the TIP - Brazil, click here.

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