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How do I apply for a certificate/approval?



If you are an applicant from one of the EASA member states, the US and Canada, online submission of your application via the Applicant Portal is now the preferred method for receiving your application. The Applicant Portal offers numerous benefits: 

- Simplifies applying for certification tasks - saving time and effort
- Enables viewing and monitoring the status of applications 
- Allows applicants to manage their own contact details and user credentials
- Reduces administrative transactions 
- Improves data quality due to integration with a centralised list for aeronautical products

The following applications are covered by the Applicant Portal:

  • Major Change
  • Major Repair
  • Derivative
  • Minor Change (including Minor Change to STC)
  • Minor Repair
  • Supplemental Type Certificate – Initial
  • Supplemental Type Certificate – Major Change
  • ETSOA – Initial
  • ETSOA – Minor Change
  • Production Organisation Approval

Further applications will be introduced to the Applicant Portal in the future.

If you wish to register to use the EASA Applicant Portal please send an email to Applicant.Portal [at]
Please inform us if you wish to receive further information or a demonstration of the portal.

In case of questions and technical issues, please contact: Applicant.Portal [at]

The use of the Applicant Portal has been introduced to other non-EASA Member State applicants. Please contact applicant.portal [at] for further information.

Note: The use of the Applicant Portal for applications concerning Major Change/Repair, Derivate, Minor Change/Repair, STC and ETSO will soon become mandatory

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Application forms
For applications that are not yet covered by the Applicant Portal, please download from the EASA website the application form you need. Depending on your application, please send it to the email address indicated on the last page of the application form:

TC [at]
CertificateTransfer [at]
Validation.Support [at]
flightconditions [at]


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