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What is the intent of the declaration?


The intent of the declaration is to:

  1. have the operator acknowledge its responsibilities under the applicable safety regulations and that it holds all necessary approvals;
  2. inform the competent authority of the existence of an NCC or an SPO operator; and
  3. enable the competent authority to fulfil its oversight responsibilities in accordance with ARO.GEN.300 and 305.

When the NCC operation is managed by a third party on behalf of the owner, that party may be the operator in the sense of Article 3(h) of the Basic Regulation, and therefore has to declare its capability and means to discharge the responsibilities associated with the operation of the aircraft to the competent authority.

In such a case, it should also be assessed whether the third party operator undertakes a commercial operation in the sense of Article 3(i) of the Basic Regulation.

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