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ADR.11 Is it planned to have a regulation for the design of heliports?


Yes, there is a rulemaking task covering heliports, namely RMT.0638 Certification requirements for VFR heliports located at aerodromes falling under the scope of Basic Regulation. It is currently executed as part of the EASA Rulemaking Program under which the following NPA has been published NPA 2017-14 “Certification specifications and guidance material for the design of surface-level VFR heliports located at aerodromes that fall under the scope of Regulation (EC) 216/2008 (CS-HPT-DSN - Issue 1)”.  Until these rules are in place, the respective national regulations are applicable. The future rules for heliports will reflect the recent changes to Annex 14, Vol. II. 

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