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ADR.2 Is an extension of the applicability of the EASA rules towards smaller aerodromes planned?


At this stage this is not planned. Recital (6) of Regulation (EC) No 1108/2009 amending Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 contemplates this as a future possibility:

(6) It  would not be appropriate to subject all aerodromes to common rules. In particular, aerodromes which are not open to public use and aerodromes mainly used for recreational flying or serving commercial air transport other than in accordance with instrument flight procedures and with paved runways of less than 800 meters, should remain under the regulatory control of the Member States, without any obligation under this Regulation on other Member States to recognize such national arrangements. However, proportionate measures should be taken by Member States to increase generally the level of safety of recreational aviation and of all commercial air transport. The Commission will re-examine in due time, extending the scope of application to aerodromes currently excluded in a modular manner, and taking full account of the impact this might have on such aerodromes.

The review of the EASA Basic Regulation, which was based on EASA opinion 01/2015 does not suggest any change of the applicability of the Basic Regulation to smaller aerodromes. Only a precision of the scope criteria is foreseen at this stage.

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