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D.1 - Which tasks are considered as services?


The following tasks are defined as services:

  • Pursuant to Part II.1 of the Annex to the Regulation (EU) 319/2014:
    • Validation support (acceptance of EASA certification by foreign authorities) (CSV),
    • EASA acceptance of Maintenance Review Board reports (MRB),
    • EASA Acceptance of Operational Evaluation Board Reports (OSD),
    • Administrative reissuance of documents,
    • ECoA
  • Pursuant to Part II.2 of the Annex to the Regulation (EU) 319/2014:
    • Services not mentioned in Part II.1, such as Technical Advice Contract
  • Pursuant to Article 13 (3) Regulation (EU) 319/2014, Services not charged by the hour:
    • Publications,
    • Technical training,
    • E-Exam.
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