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FAQ n.19261

What is a Contract Agent?


Temporary Agent posts are classified, Contract Agents posts are classified, according to the nature and importance of the duties, into four function groups:

  • Function group I (grades 1 to 3) corresponds to administrative support service tasks; 
  • Function group II (grades 4 to  7) corresponds to secretarial and office management tasks;
  • Function group III (grades 8 to 12) corresponds to executive, drafting and accountancy tasks;
  • Function group IV (grades 13 to 18) corresponds to administrative, scientific, advisory, and linguistic tasks.

The initial duration of a Contract Agent contract is 3 years with the possibility of renewal for a definite period. It may be renewed not more than once for a fixed period of not more than five years. Any further renewal shall be for an indefinite period.

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