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How and when can/shall an EU-OPS attestation of safety training for cabin crew be replaced by the new EASA cabin crew attestation required by Aircrew regulation (EU) No 1178/2011?


Reference: Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 on aircrew, Part-CC

EU-OPS attestations of safety training held by active cabin crew members complying with applicable training and recency requirements are considered equivalent to the new cabin crew attestations (CCA) until they can be replaced by a CCA. Replacement must be done at the latest by 8 April 2017, as stated in point 3 of Article 11a of the Aircrew Regulation:

“3. The attestations of safety training issued in accordance with EU-OPS shall be replaced with cabin crew attestations complying with the format laid down in Annex VI by 8 April 2017 at the latest.”

Some conditions must be fulfilled as specified in point 2 of Article 11a of the Aircrew Regulation. The knowledge and competence acquired with the initial training must, at the time of the replacement, have been maintained by completion of the other training provided by the operator and current operating experience on at least one aircraft type.

If changing to another operator or during a period of up to maximum 5 years (60 months) without operating as cabin crew, any holder of an EU-OPS attestation of safety training will only need to complete the applicable training with the new operator (i.e. aircraft type and conversion training followed by familiarisation) before being assigned to flying duties as part of the minimum required cabin crew on an aircraft. There is no change in this matter in the new rules compared to EU-OPS.

The main difference with EU-OPS is the 5-year validity which is applicable for the replacement of EU-OPS attestation as well as to the new CCA as specified in Part-CC, paragraph CC.CCA.105 ‘Validity of the cabin crew attestation’.

If holders of EU-OPS attestations have not operated for more than 5 years, they must in such a case complete again the initial training course before being issued a new CCA (see Article 11a, point 2.(c)) and being in position to complete the training of the new operator and then be reassigned to operate as cabin crew.

This is because it was considered, based on experience gained, that after 5 years without completing operator training nor operating as cabin crew,  the knowledge and competence gained previously has expired and needs to be updated and renewed by completing again initial  training before undertaking any other training.

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