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Is there a standard procedure for the approval of courses designed for cabin crew? Should they be approved by EASA?


Reference: Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 on Aircrew requirements; Regulation (EU) No 965/2012, Annex II (Part ARO), Annex III (Part ORO)

Approval of training for cabin crew is the competence of the competent authority designated by each Member State.

As regards the initial training course required under Part CC (Aircrew Regulation), operators and training organisations intending to provide such training can do so only if they are approved by the competent authority. In the case of an AOC holder, such an approval shall be granted as an additional privilege to be specified in the Operations Specifications. Approval of the initial training course should therefore be part of the overall approval process in accordance with the procedures established by the competent authority.

For the other cabin crew training required under Part ORO, operators are responsible for their crew training programmes, including the means of delivering those training (e.g. online, classroom and representative devices), taking into account the objective of crew competence as defined by the rules.

Crew training and checking programmes of airlines/operators must be established in the Operator manual (OM) to be approved by the competent authority.

As EU-OPS requirements are being replaced, here are the new rules on Air Operations.

The paragraphs of particular relevance to this topic are:

  • Article 7 on AOC,
  • Part ARO, particularly ARO.OPS.100
  • Part ORO, in particular
    • Subpart AOC Air Operator Certification, particularly ORO.AOC.100;
    • Subpart MLR Manuals, logs and records, particularly ORO.MLR.100;
    • Subpart CC Cabin crew

The related AMC (acceptable means of compliance) and GM (guidance material) in the Agency Decision provide further details on this topic (Part ORO - for operators).

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