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As regard to the approval of the continuing airworthiness organisations, what is the sharing of responsibilities between EASA and the EASA Member States? How to get a list of the EASA approved continuing airworthiness organisations?


According to Article 20 of (EC) No.216/2008 on common rules in the field of civil aviation and establishing a EASA, the Agency is responsible for :

  1. The management of all applications for organisations whose principal place of business is outside the territory of the EASA Member States (MS) for EASA Part-145 maintenance organisation approvals (MOA), EASA Part-147 maintenance training organisation approvals (MTOA), EASA Part-M Subpart G continuing airworthiness management organisation (CAMO) and EASA Part-M Subpart F approvals (Subpart F).
  2. The oversight of related certificates and their continued surveillance.

These activities are as follows:

  • MOA: Part-145 organisations ('Foreign', USA and Canada ),
  • MTOA: Part-147 organisations,
  • CAMO: Part-M Subpart G organisations,
  • Subpart F : Part-M Subpart F organisations.

Such organisations, generally nicknamed as “foreign” organisations, are managed by EASA in accordance with the relevant Annexes of Regulation (EU) No.1321/2014 and the associated EASA procedures. For more information, see Continuing-airworthiness-organisations  where the lists of such  “foreign” organisations are available as well as the fees and charges Regulations.

The management of all applications for organisations whose principal place of business is inside the territory of the EASA Member States (MS) is performed by the competent authorities of these MS.

Therefore, information about continuing airworthiness management organisations, maintenance organisations and maintenance training organisation which have principal place of business within any of the EASA MS is kept up-to-date by  the competent authorities from these EASA MS. You may contact these authorities at http://easa.europa.eu/the-agency/member-states or consult their public websites when the MS accepted to publish these lists on a voluntary basis.

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