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Can the subcontractor’s staff of a part-145 approved organisation issue an EASA Form 1?


One of the fundamentals of subcontracting activities is that, during such maintenance, the part-145 has been temporarily extended to include the subcontractor. Subcontracting can be done only if the part-145 has approved procedures to do it (145.A.75 (b)) and the MOE is amendment to show this new subcontractor.

A certificate of release to service can be signed by a person from the subcontractor who meets the part-145 approved maintenance organisation certifying staff standard approved in the MOE, which means:

  • The subcontractor’s staff (who does not need to hold a part-66 licence) must meet the authorisation criteria of the part-145 approved organisation, including the assessment of competence (knowledge, on-the-job performance and experience), continuation training and ongoing competency assessments.
  • The subcontractor’s staff must be authorised by the part-145 to issue an EASA Form 1

The certificate of release to service and the EASA Form 1 will always be issued under the maintenance organisation approval reference.

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