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FAQ n.19043

Is there any European requirement to maintain the back-to-birth traceability for any component fitted to an European aircraft?


The term “back to birth” is not used in European regulations. The requirements that apply to a service life-limited component (see definition in AMC M.A.305) are basically stated in M.A.305 (e) and (h). All detailed maintenance records of a maintenance action (e.g. a restoration) must be kept until another maintenance action equivalent in scope (another restoration) is done, but never less than 36 months. Keep in mind that:

  • a service life limited component log card must be kept with all the relevant information, so the action should be recorded there, and
  • the records showing compliance with other requirements stated in M.A.305, e.g. an airworthiness directive, or any other information that could be affecting the configuration of the aircraft, must be retained too.
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