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Is Part-M applicable to approved Part-145 organisations?


Yes, Part-M is applicable to Part-145 organisations. Article 3(2) of Regulation (EU) 1321/2014 states that organisations and personnel involved in maintenance of aircraft and components shall comply with Part-M. Nevertheless, not all the requirements of Part-M are applicable to Part-145 organisations.

Part-145 organisations shall take into account the following requirements of Part-M:

  • M.A.201 (c) – Responsibilities
  • M.A.403 (b) – Aircraft defects
  • M.A.501 (a) & (c) & (d) – Installation
  • M.A.504 (a) & (b) & (d) & (e) – Control of unserviceable components

In addition, Part-145 refers to the following Appendixes of Part-M:

  • Appendix II to Part-M (EASA Form 1)
  • Appendix IV to Part-M (Class and rating system)
  • Appendix IX to AMC M.A.602 and AMC M.A.702 (EASA Form 2)
  • Appendix X to AMC M.B.602(a) and AMC M.B.702(a) (EASA Form 4)
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