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If the aircraft is rented by an EU or 3rd country resident, but the flight is from Russia to the EU, is it allowed? Alternatively, if there is at least one Russian citizen who is not on the sanction list, is it allowed to approve these flights?


Such a flight is allowed only if (i) the aircraft is not operated by a Russian air carrier, (ii) the aircraft is not registered in Russia (iii) the aircraft is not owned or chartered, or otherwise controlled by any Russian natural or legal person, entity or body; and (iv) there are no persons on board the aircraft who are subject to a listing under the Sanctions Regulation.

If one of the passengers is Russian, but other factors remain as above, it needs to be verified if this one Russian passenger could be considered to control the flight (i.e. be the actual instigator or renter). If not, then the flight is allowed, just like any airline flight with Russian passengers amongst other passengers who have bought a ticket.

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