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Does the PBN IR require the publication of SBAS approach procedures down to CAT I minima (LPV-200)? Are higher LPV minima acceptable?


The PBN IR requires the publication of localiser performance with vertical guidance (LPV) minima, without an explicit reference to category I (CAT I) minima.

The publication of approach procedures with vertical guidance (APV) based on SBAS may not enable precision approach operations with a decision height (DH) of 200 feet (ft) at all locations. In this regard, the actual LPV minima will depend on the performance of the SBAS service around the aerodrome (e.g., availability of the EGNOS APV-I or LPV-200 service level), the aerodrome infrastructure, and the outcome of the flight procedure design.

Hence, the resulting SBAS approach procedures may have minima higher than 200 ft.

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