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I have a valid SFI certificate obtained, before January 1, 2021, based on training in an ATO certified by an EASA Member State with instructors and examiners certified by the same EASA Member State competent authority. However my SFI certificate was issued by the UK CAA based on my expired UK issued ATPL. Can I continue to deliver training course in accordance with Part-FCL based on my SFI certificate in an ATO certified by an EU Member State or EASA after December 31, 2020?


Instructor and/or examiner certificates, such as synthetic flight instructor (SFI), synthetic flight examiner (SFE) and certificates issued under FCL.900(c) and FCL.1000(c), issued by the UK CAA are no longer valid and recognised in the EU for the purpose of exercising the privileges of the SFI certificate in accordance with Part FCL, unless they were transferred to an EASA Member State competent authority before January 01, 2021.

Please note that it was not possible to transfer to an EU Member State the SFI certificate alone. In accordance with FCL.915.SFI an applicant for an SFI certificate shall hold or have held a CPL, MPL or ATPL in the appropriate aircraft category. Namely, a Part FCL CPL, ATPL, MPL. In this case it is not required for the licence to contain valid ratings.

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