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I am travelling with children and/or an elderly person with breathing problems, do they have to wear a medical face mask?


In general, everyone should wear a medical face mask at all times throughout the journey, but children below 12 years old and people having a medical reason for not wearing face masks can be exempted.

Generally, medical reasons allowing exemptions in wearing a face mask should be documented in a medical certificate issued by an appropriate specialist and are usually limited to: 

  • Severe Restrictive Lung Disease with a forced vital capacity (FVC) threshold of 55% predicted and a DLCO threshold of 40% or with a GAP index higher than 5. 
  • Mental or physical disabilities that would not allow the proper use of a face mask.

Passengers with such exemptions should be required to undertake a SARS-CoV-2 reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test within the 48 hours preceding the scheduled departure time and present the negative result at boarding in order to reduce the risk of being infectious during the flight. In this respect aircraft operators should provide clear information to all their passengers, and allow for flexibility in case of positive test results.

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