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How can I get access to OSD FC documents?


Contrary to Operational Evaluation Board (OEB) reports which were owned and published by EASA, OSD documents are certification documents which are held by the TC/STC Holder within the framework of Annex I to Commission Regulation No 748/2012 (Part-21). 

Paragraph 21.A.62 of Part-21 establishes requirements for the owner of the data (type certificate (TC)/supplemental type certificate (STC) holder) on making these OSD data available. It reads as follows:

21.A.62 Availability of operational suitability data
The holder of the type-certificate or restricted type-certificate shall make available: 

(a) at least one set of complete operational suitability data prepared in accordance with the applicable operational suitability certification basis, to all known EU operators of the aircraft, before the operational suitability data must be used by a training organisation or an EU operator; and 

(b) any change to the operational suitability data to all known EU operators of the aircraft; and 

(c) on request, the relevant data referred to in points (a) and (b) above, to: 

1. the competent authority responsible for verifying conformity with one or more elements of this set of operational suitability data; and 
2. any person required to comply with one or more elements of this set of operational suitability data.

Consequently, users should request OSD data from the relevant owner, when required. 

To assist users in contacting the relevant owner of the document, EASA provides some information on its website for OSD, in particular an OSD contact list based on feedback from manufacturers. 

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