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Does EASA accept AMOC applications concerning aircraft registered in a non-EU Member State?


EASA cannot accept applications for AMOCs referring to aircraft that are not registered in an EASA Member State, as this is outside of EASA’s jurisdiction. In these situations EASA advises operators to either:

  • Contact their local National Aviation Authority (NAA) for a national AMOC or similar approval. The European TC holder of the product to which the AD applies may provide technical assistance for the NAA’s decision. Or
  • If the AMOC is of general applicability and thus could also be used by aircraft that are registered in an EASA Member State, contact the European TC holder for them to apply for an EASA AMOC.

Note: the NAA of the non-EASA State of Registry is responsible for the decision on whether an AMOC can be used or not for aircraft on its register. This applies in both cases: issuing national AMOCs; or accepting EASA AMOCs.

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