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What is a Contract Agent?


Contract Agent posts are classified, according to the nature and importance of the duties, into four function groups:

  • Function group I (grades 1 to 3) corresponds to administrative support service tasks; 
  • Function group II (grades 4 to 7) corresponds to secretarial and office management tasks;
  • Function group III (grades 8 to 12) corresponds to executive, drafting and accountancy tasks;
  • Function group IV (grades 13 to 18) corresponds to administrative, scientific, advisory, and linguistic tasks.

The initial duration of a Contract Agent contract is usually 3 years with the possibility of renewal for a definite period. It may be renewed not more than once for a fixed period of not more than five years. Any further renewal shall be for an indefinite period. In specific cases the individual contract duration may be limited to the length of the specific project the candidate will undertake.

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