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I work in a maintenance organisation approved by the competent authority of a country different from the one who issued my Part-66 licence. An OJT programme via MOE chapter 3.15 has been approved by the competent authority of my maintenance organisation. However, my licensing authority refuses to accept the OJT from the organisation I’m working for. Why? What shall I do?


Please review the extracted requirements here below from Part-66 Appendix III, Section 6:

  • ‘On-the-Job Training (OJT) shall be approved by the competent authority who has issued the licence.’
  • ‘It shall be conducted at and under the control of a maintenance organisation appropriately approved for the maintenance of the particular aircraft type’.
  • ‘OJT shall cover a cross section of tasks acceptable to the competent authority’.
  • ‘In order to facilitate the verification by the competent authority, demonstration of the OJT shall consist of:
    • detailed worksheets/logbook and
    • (ii) a compliance report demonstrating how the OJT meets the requirement of this Part.’

Since the procedure in MOE is approved by the competent authority of the maintenance organisation, it can only be used when the licensing authority is the same as the competent authority of the maintenance organisation. In other cases, the licensing authority may accept such OJT after assessing and approving the programme, which should usually be done prior to starting the OJT. This is described in AMC 66.B.115 point (c) states that “in the case where the licensing competent authority is different from the competent authority of the maintenance organisation which provides the OJT, your licensing authority may take into consideration the fact that the maintenance organisation has the OJT programme already accepted by their own competent authority (through chapter 3.15 of the MOE, as described in AMC 145.A.70(a))”.

Since your competent authority is responsible for the issue and extension of your licence, please follow the instruction of your competent authority and try to find a solution based on the above AMC.

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