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Our product will require certification under the new framework and our company would like to become an approved Design or Production Organisation. COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2023/1769 includes DPO.OR.A.010 which states: "An application for a design or production organisation approval shall be made in a form and manner established by the Agency". Where can I find these these forms, and how does the application process work in practice?


The “Application for Design or Production Organisation (DPO) Approval” is now available on the EASA Application Services website. Organisations that are interested to become an approved DPO can find the new form (FO.AOA.00085) on the Application forms website. Detailed instructions to help applicants fill in the form are embedded at the bottom of the form itself. Additional information related to DPO and other ATM/ANS topics can be found on the EASA ATM website.

As always, any queries related to the approval of an ATM/ANS Organisation, ATCO Training Organisation, or Design or Production Organisation (DPO) can be sent to: AtmAnsOrg [at] easa.europa.eu.

The process of becoming an approved DPO begins when an organization submits an application. Once an application is received and accepted, an EASA project team will be created and assigned to the project. It is also possible to schedule a “pre-application” meeting with EASA to clarify specific points before an application is formally submitted. However, please be aware that your project schedule may need to accommodate delays that result from scheduling constraints. 

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