EASA - Eurocontrol: Critical review of ATM/ANS environmental performance measurements

Critical review of ATM-ANS Env performance measurements

The objective of the Air Traffic Management/Air Navigation Service (ATM/ANS) Environmental Transparency Working Group was to develop proposals on how ATM/ANS providers can increase environmental transparency and demonstrate their efforts to support the industry by reducing the environmental impacts of their operations and to support the ambitious goal of achieving net zero carbon for aviation by 2050. The work of this group of experts, ‘Pillar 1’ of a larger work programme has focused on how providers can identify environmental inefficiencies and how they measure improvements (or degradation) based on certain performance criteria (existing or to be developed). This document represents the final report of the ATM/ANS Environmental Transparency Working Group covering Pillar 1 activity during a two-year period, since 2020. This report is the result of more than 15 Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) and other interested parties, Borealis, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO), EUROCONTROL, and FABEC, working all together during a dozen of workshops and meetings.

This report identifies strategic and technical recommendations including proposals for future work. Despite the amount of work that still needs to be done, this report aims to be an inventory of the existing and future environmental indicators that could be used to measure ATM/ANS environmental performance. The contents of this report will help ANSPs to increase environmental disclosure and in doing so, demonstrate their willingness to contribute to goals such as Net Zero Emission by 2050.