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How we hire

As an EU agency, EASA is committed to ensuring fair, equitable, and inclusive selection procedures that follow a standardised set-up under controlled conditions. All selections involve a panel of experts (the so-called Selection Board) that assesses candidates’ eligibility and suitability for the vacant position based on pre-defined criteria, tests, and standardised interview questions.

Tips for applying: 

A strong application increases your chance to be shortlisted for the next phase of the selection process. Check these tips for successfully completing and submitting a job application.

  • Read the vacancy notice: Our vacancy notices are transparent and together with the information available on our Website provide all the information you need for a successful application. Please read them carefully and check that the job(s) match(es) your experience, qualifications, strengths, and aspirations before applying. 
  • Check if you are eligible to apply: To be admitted to the selection process you must meet, by the closing date for applying, all the general and job-specific criteria as laid down in the vacancy notice. You will find those criteria under “Qualifications, Skills & Competencies”, “Am I eligible to apply?”). If you do not meet all criteria, your application for that particular position will be rejected.
  • Make sure your application matches the requirements of the vacancy: The Selection Board will shortlist only the most suitable candidates. Therefore, make sure you provide sufficient information to enable us to evaluate your eligibility and suitability for the specific position. You should do so in step 2 of the application form by clearly demonstrating how you meet each of the criteria listed in the vacancy notice. Here you should also indicate for which specific profile you are applying (if applicable) and add additional information in support of your application. Be aware that proof of compliance with specific criteria may be requested at any stage during the selection process.
  • Submit your application: We can only accept applications that are submitted in English through our eRecruitment tool. Before sending your application, make sure it is complete and contains the document(s) specified in the vacancy notice. Incomplete applications might be rejected. If you have any special conditions requiring help during the application or selection process, please advise us at: recruit [at]

Last but not least, please try to avoid spelling mistakes and over-formatting, keep your application clear and keep it ‘you’. Be honest in your statements and communicate what you can bring to EASA. We look forward to receiving your application!