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Digital Transformation – Case Studies for Aviation Safety Standards

The research project aims at evaluating a series of changes applied to aviation products, processes and operations resulting from the deployment of new digital solutions with a focus on measuring the impact on safety standards and regulatory materials as well as to prepare their evolution. The project will build upon a series of case studies allowing to develop a comprehensive investigation of the key changes at stake, by developing several working examples (use cases and conceptual models), analysing the impact on the working processes, the safety management processes, and the existing regulatory standards. Such case studies will lead to the identification of key actions to be taken by safety regulators, service and solution providers to streamline the deployment of such innovative digital applications.

Lot 1: Modelling and Simulations
Case study 1: Application of digital ‘twin’ concept for the design verification of VTOL and drones.

Lot 2: Virtualisation
Case study 2: Use of the blockchain technologies for the management of aircraft parts throughout their lifecycle.

Lot 3: Data Science Applications
Case study 3: Use of flight training data to support the application of evidence-based / competency-based training concepts.Case study 4: Application of new analytical methods and techniques for fuel management (pre-flight / in-flight).Case study 5: Data models for enhancing the use of operational or training data for safety.

For all information and status on the call for tender related to the project, please visit EASA.2022.HVP.01.