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Passenger travel guidance - COVID-19

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Coronavirus has presented new health safety challenges for air travel and EASA has responded by setting new standards for aviation safety & passenger wellbeing, working closely with the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control (ECDC) and the European Commission.

As a result, EASA and ECDC issued the COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol , defining measures to assure the health safety of air travellers and aviation personnel once airlines resume regular flight schedules following the severe disruption caused by COVID-19.

Guidance for management of air passengersEASA Safety Passenger Management Guide COVID-19

EASA & ECDC have summarised the most important elements from the passenger perspective in a poster:

  • Plan your journey
  • To the airport
  • Departure airport
  • On the plane
  • Arrival airport

Have a look, click on the image and see the poster to ensure a healthy and safe journey.

The poster is also available in different layout formats and languages on EASA Pro.

FAQs Passengers COVID-19FAQs Passenger Health Safety - COVID-19  

EASA compiled a catalogue of FAQs to help passengers with air travel in respect to COVID-19.  

Have a look at the FAQs to prepare for your travel.

COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol in detail

Apart from guidance on how to manage passengers, the protocol also sets standards for airports, crew members and their management.

EASA-ProThe protocol will be updated to adjust standards, and you can access the protocol on EASA Pro, our website for aviation authorities, industry & professionals