Flying with children

Safety checklist


EASA Flying with children

Children have become regular passengers in air travel. EASA cares for the safety of the youngest air travellers and strongly recommends the use of approved child seats on board an aircraft. 

If you are planning to use a child seat on board an aircraft, it is important to check several things, such as if your child seat is suitable and approved to be used in aircraft, if it fits and can be secured onto the aircraft seat and how. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions and with the airline you are flying with. If you take a child seat on board, don’t forget to take the child seat manufacturer’s instructions on your flight for the airline and cabin crew members to check the correct installation on an aircraft seat. 

European rules permit child seats manufactured and approved in the EU as well as in countries outside of the European Union. 

If you are travelling with children, our leaflet ‘Flying with children’ answers the following questions:flying with children

  • What options do I have when flying with infants or children?
  • How do I to use a child seat on board an aircraft?
  • What child seat options do I have?
  • Are there other devices I can use?
  • What child seats are accepted under EU rules and outside of the EU?