EASA’s featured events - Autumn 2021

EASA has many ways to stay closely connected with the aviation community. EASA’s website offers a vast amount of information, reference material and FAQs and gives stakeholders an option to get back to EASA with any additional queries. Online communities, dedicated to specific domains, such as Air Operations, Rotorcraft or General Aviation are another way to disseminate information, exchange views and gather feedback from particular stakeholders.

EASA events – both regular and ad hoc -- are a further element of these relationships and offer participants a chance catch up on the latest development on aviation related issues and, when feasible, also to network and meet colleagues from other companies.

Like most other organisations, EASA moved primarily to online events due to COVID-19 and is now starting to experiment with hybrid formats, which allow for bigger participation even if some advantages of a face-to-face meeting are hard to replicate virtually. 

EASA’s featured events - Autumn 2021

EASA has a busy event calendar for the autumn of 2021. 
The three annual events we highlight in this article cover a number of aviation domains and are aimed at a variety of audiences across the world of aviation. 

2021 EASA Annual Safety Conference (ASC) - Safety in Air Traffic Management

ASC-2021EASA organises its safety conference on an annual basis and hosts these in partnership with the EU member state that holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU at that time. Each ASC focuses on a particular aviation related topic and domain.

The ASC 2021 will take place as a virtual meeting for the audience, with the panel members gathering at EASA in Cologne. It will focus on Safety in Air Traffic Management (ATM). Together with the Slovenian Aviation Authority and in partnership with EUROCONTROL, EASA has lined up a number of ATM related subjects to be discussed:

  • How can we capitalise on the lessons learned from the pandemic to further increase efficiency, resilience and safety in the ATM sector?
  • How will the ATM system contribute effectively to the EU Green Deal’s ambitious targets? Can ATM deliver significant environmental improvements?
  • What is the transformative potential of imminent technological advancement and infrastructure modernisation on the ATM domain? What changes will this bring?

For more details on the event visit EASA Pro. You can also check out all ASC events organised over the last years.

Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium 2021 - developments from a safety perspective

rotorcraft-2021Evolving from the annual Rotorcraft Symposium hosted by EASA since 2007, the symposium now also covers Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. 

Representatives from authorities and industry together with operators, pilots, safety investigators, researchers, and all those with an interest in improving rotorcraft safety, will meet to share and exchange ideas.

Some of the main topics covered during this year’s event will be:

  • Future of Vertical Flight
  • Business recovery after COVID-19    
  • Complementary use of drones

The event is taking place within the framework of the EUROPEAN ROTORS show in November 2021 as a hybrid event, partially online and at the Trade Fair Centre in Cologne, Germany.

Certification & Design Organisation (DOA) Workshop 2021

DOA-2021One of the biggest annual events hosted by EASA centres on EASA’s certification & Design Organisation Approvals (DOA) activities. Participation has increased year by year.  

Industry and Authorities meet with relevant EASA staff to discuss DOA working methods, related Product Certification topics and rulemaking activities.

Important EASA developments and activities in the wake of COVID-19, together with best practices in the certification and design domains, will be discussed during this year’s one-day online event. 

This online event in November 2021 combines the former Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) and the Design Organisation Approvals (DOA) workshop and covers a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Rulemaking
  • International activities
  • STC & product certification
  • remote test witnessing & remote auditing
  • European Plan for Aviation Safety
  • DOA and technical matters

The online event will be split into live sessions on a range of important topics. 

  • Please consult EASA Pro for updates on available live streaming of the event and coming details on the agenda.

Events on EASA’s YouTube channel

EASA’s YouTube channel offers a number of playlists with recordings of previous events, together with explanatory videos on various topics. 
Check out YouTube and subscribe to the EASA channel to ensure you always stay up-to-date on our recordings!

  • If you want to get any information about current or past EASA events, visit us on EASA Pro.