EU-South East Asia APP (Aviation Partnership Project)

Enhancing the aviation partnership between South East Asia and the EU

ASEAN is the European Union's third largest trading partner and the EU is ASEAN's second. More than 10 million passengers now travel between the two regions every year and this number continues to grow significantly. This increased traffic growth calls for enhanced institutional relations, improved regulatory oversight and further developments in aviation infrastructure.

The EU-South East Asia Aviation Partnership Project will seek to enhance political, economic and environmental partnership between the EU and South East Asia in the domain of civil aviation. In complement to the ARISE Plus project it will aim to:

  • Enhance policy dialogue and stronger institutional links.
  • Support a safer and more harmonised market for aviation industry.
  • Raise the standard of environmental protection and climate change action.

The project will facilitate a sharing of expertise in civil aviation between the EU and ASEAN stakeholders and address a broad spectrum of subjects, including new topics such as cybersecurity and drones.