Bombardier CRJ1000 - Stolen Spare Part Case

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Bombardier CRJ1000
Part name
Multiple (Sidestay Assembly Unit (LH), Link Assembly, Harness, Pin, Actuator, Nut, Sidestay INDB/OUTB, Pintle Assembly)
Part Number
Multiple (P/N 55300-3; P/N 49308-3; P/N 49310-3; P/N 49313-11; P/N 49313-9; 49319-3; 49321-1; 49340-3; 49400-5; 55301-1; 55306-1; 55307-1; 55325-1)
Serial Number
Multiple (S/N SPP012503; S/N SPP011623; S/N SPP103393; S/N SPP103168; S/N TL251261; S/N TL250140; S/N SPP011923; S/N SPP201356; S/N SPP013007; S/N SPP900140; S/N SD060066; S/N SD060079; S/N ACR110097; S/N SPP011140)


Bombardier CRJ1000 model aeroplanes

Part name

Sidestay Assembly (LH)

Part Number

P/N 55300-3

Serial Number

S/N SPP012503

Subcomponent (Name, Part Number, Serial Number):

Link Assy: P/N 49308-3 S/N SPP011613

Link Assy: P/N 49310-3 S/N SPP011623

Harness: P/N 49313-11 S/N SPP103393

Harness: P/N 49313-9 S/N SPP103168

Pin: P/N 49319-3 S/N TL251261

Pin: P/N 49321-1 S/N TL250140

Nut: P/N 49340-3 S/N SPP011923

Actuator: P/N 49400-5 S/N SPP201356

Sidestay INBD: P/N 55301-1 S/N SPP013007

Sidestay OUTB: P/N 55303-1 S/N SPP900140

Pin: P/N 55305-1 S/N SD060066

Pin: P/N 55306-1 S/N SD060079

Pin: P/N 55307-1 S/N ACR110097

Pintle Assy: P/N 55325-1 S/N SPP011140

Description: EASA was informed that a Sidestay Assembly Unit (LH) and its subcomponents - Link Assembly, Harness, Pin, Actuator, Nut, Sidestay INDB/OUTB, Pintle Assembly, were identified as lost during shipping from Denmark to Florida, US.

The reporting organisation has indicated that the possibility exists that the parts may be offered for sale on the open market. 

Recommendation: The parts listed above are to be considered unapproved and not eligible for installation on an aircraft.

Owners, operators and maintenance organizations are encouraged to inspect their aircraft and inventories for the referenced part numbers and corresponding serial numbers.

If any of these parts are installed on aircraft or stored in the inventory, it is recommended to remove and quarantine the part, and inform EASA at sdm [at]


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