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CFM56 Engine
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This EASA Suspected Unapproved parts (SUP) notification is issued to alert owners, operators, maintenance organisations, and distributors of suspected unapproved parts distributed by AOG Technics, (Nova North, 11 Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BY, United Kingdom).

Occurrence reports have been submitted to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) indicating that several CFM56 engine parts distributed by AOG Technics have been supplied with a falsified Authorized Release Certificate (ARC). In each confirmed example, the approved organisation, identified on the ARC, has attested that the form did not originate from within their organisation, and the certificate has been falsified.

To date, AOG Technics has not provided information on the source of the parts, or of the falsified ARCs. EASA is therefore issuing this alert to determine whether other parts with falsified ARCs have been supplied, and to limit the airworthiness impact of any potentially unairworthy parts operating in service.

Recommended Actions

Aircraft owners, operators, maintenance organisations, and distributors are requested to inspect their records to determine whether aircraft or engine parts have been obtained from AOG Technics, either directly or indirectly. For each part obtained, please contact the approved organisation identified on the ARC (e.g. FAA  8130-3 or EASA Form 1) to verify the origin of the certificate.

If the approved organisation attests that the ARC did not originate from their organisation, then any affected parts should be quarantined to prevent installation until a determination can be made regarding their eligibility for installation. If a part with a falsified ARC is already installed, then it is recommended that the part be replaced with an approved part.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency encourages the reporting of any information concerning discovery of subject parts.  In addition to mandatory reporting required under local airworthiness regulations, it is requested to report to EASA directly, via the ECCAIRS reporting portal on ECCAIRS2 | Report an Occurrence (

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency might take further action as a result of the ongoing investigations and information received from competent authorities, aircraft owners, operators, maintenance organisations, and distributors.

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