Publication and Consultation of Certification Memoranda, Special Conditions, Equivalent Safety Findings, Deviations


EASA Management Board Decision 12-2007, dated 11 September 2007, Article 3 (2.) requires that Deviations (DEV) 
from the applicable airworthiness codes, environmental protection certification specifications and/or acceptable means 
of compliance with Part 21, as well as important Special Conditions (SC) and Equivalent Safety Findings (ESF) shall be 
subject to a public consultation of at least 3 weeks.

This Work Instruction provides instructions for the management of internal consultation and public consultation of Certification Memoranda (CMs) as well as of Special Conditions (SCs), Equivalent Safety Findings (ESFs), and Deviations 

Interpretative Material (IM) and Means of Compliance (MoC) to SC do not need to be externally consulted. They may be 
published to support the public consultation of the SC or may be also published for public consultation. If decided to be 
externally consulted, this data shall follow the same process.

Writing and management of Special Conditions (SCs), Equivalent Safety Findings (ESFs), and Deviations (DEV) is described 
in WI.CERT.00146.

The purpose, criteria, categories and format of Certification Memoranda is described in WI.CERT.00154.

This Work Instruction describes:

  • how to process CMs and Consultation Papers1 (CPs) for SCs, ESFs and DEVs for public consultation;
  • the responsibilities of different actors in the drafting, internal consultation and EASA internal release of proposed CMs and CPs for public consultation;
  • the publication for external consultation;
  • resolution of external comments; and
  • the publication of final CMs, SCs, ESFs and DEVs and their archiving.

This Work Instruction affects anyone who prepares, reviews, validates, approves and manages the public consultation process of CMs/ESFs/SCs/DEVs. It also details the liaison with IT and the Communications Department for publication of documents on EASA website for public consultation.