European Centre for Cybersecurity in Aviation (ECCSA)

ECCSA is primarily an information centre for cybersecurity in aviation providing, amongst other services, stakeholders networking and information sharing, which are key enablers to enforce a resilient aviation cyberspace. ECCSA makes available to its members secure means to exchange domain relevant cybersecurity information, such as vulnerabilities, i.e. weakness that can be used for malicious purposes, as well as events and incidents that might be worth sharing with the aviation community. The ECCSA’s operational team of analysts provides additional inputs as well as context to the information shared by the participants, with the aim to facilitate the creation and the management of an aviation cybersecurity threats knowledge and risk picture.


The participation to ECCSA is voluntary as well as the information sharing. Organisations relevant for the safety and security of European Civil Aviation may apply for ECCSA membership, assured to meet applicable security selection criteria.

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