European Human Factors Advisory Group (EHFAG)


The Agency is provided guidance in the multidisciplinary field of Human Factors by means of the European Human Factors Advisory Group (EHFAG). This group acts as a source of human factors and safety management system expertise that regularly meet to discuss Human Factors issues to provide advice to EASA and the National Aviation Authorities (NAA’s). This expertise is drawn from National Aviation Authorities (including the FAA), industry, professional associations and Human Factors academia and science community.

The Agency wants to ensure that human factors are addressed across the aviation system in a consistent and proportionate manner. It recognizes that current and future operations rely on humans for safety, efficiency and effectiveness (Pilots, ATC, Trainers, Managers, Maintainers, Loaders, Dispatchers, Designers, Regulators etc). Human factors and performance affects all aspects of the Aviation System (Individual and Organisational) and should not be addressed in isolation.

The EHFAG assembles thrice annually and meets initially in a plenary session and then in sub-groups comprised of Operations and Licensing, Certification & Design, Maintenance & Continued Airworthiness. EHFAG adapts its working groups and tasks according to the evolving needs of the Agency.

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Current Plenary Activities

This group is tasked with developing, and continuity updating, a European human factors strategy and action plan as part of the European Aviation Safety Plan’s Human Factors Actions.

Current Technical Working-group Activities:

  • Supporting the RMT 411 task for CRM
  • Reviewing the content of NPA-2013-09 "Reduction of Runway Excursions"
  • Developing further guidance for CS 25.1302
  • Developing regulatory inspector competencies to be able to assess the HF programmes
  • Supporting EASA on the MDM.055 RMT task for implementation of SMS into the continuing airworthiness codes
  • Support E2.3 Research on the EXCROSS project, -review the HF aspects to documents on automation and safety culture


Member name Business affiliation
Kathy Abbott FAA
Vincent Gros Airbus
Fabiola Cardea ENAC Italy
Marisol de Mena Boeing
Vangelis Demosthenous -
Charles Denis EASA
Chris Drew Baines Simmons
Carey Edwards LMQ
Fred Etheridge Gulfstream
John Franklin EASA
Tim Garrett Emirates
Hok Goei CAA-NL
Dan Gurney Independent
Matthew Hilscher EASA
Hans-Juergen Hoermann DLR
Sylvain Hourlier Thales
David Haddon EASA
Anne Isaac NATS
Bill Johnson FAA
Marc Julie Dassault Aviation
Marcus Kaelin Swiss FOCA
Richard Kennedy Boeing
Ratan Khatwa Honeywell
Werner Kleine-Beek EASA
Jerome Leullier Airbus
Dr. Gernot Konrad Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
Member name Business affiliation
Loukia Loukopoulos Swiss Air
Michel Masson EASA
Hans Mayer Lufthansa Technics
Chris Meigs GE Aviation
Paul Merrick IFA
Michelle Millar ICAO
Maria Murtha ECA
Harry Nelson Airbus
Jason Owen Independent
David Paterson QCM
Charlotte Pederson Luxaviation
Claire Pelegrin Airbus
Lucio Polo Consultant
Rowan Powell EASA
Florence Reuzeau Airbus
Simon Roberts UK CAA
Anthony Seychell Eurocontrol
Peter Shaw UK CAA
Anthony Smoker IFATCA
Jean-Jaques Speyer Independent
Gunnar Steinhardt Luxair
Nicklas Svensson Swedish CAA
Erik Van Der Lely ECA
Frans Van Gorkum EASA
Andre Vernay DGAC
John Vincent EASA


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