Figures and Tables

Figure 2.1 Single landing and take-off 80 dB noise contours for four hypothetical aircraft that just meet the noise limits of the various ICAO Annex 16 Volume I Chapters
Figure 2.2 Improvement in aircraft noise performance has occurred over time

Aircraft categories as defined by ICAO/CAEP independent experts (IE)



MTOW (tonnes)


Regional Jet

30 - 50


Short/Medium Range 2-engine

58 - 98


Counter-Rotating Open Rotor

58 - 91


Long Range 2-engine

170 - 290


Long Range 4-engine

330 - 550

Airbus A380 plotted for information as outside weight range for LR4 (575 tonnes)

Figure 2.3 Some limited improvement in helicopter noise performance has occurred over time
Figure 2.4 Average cumulative noise margin to Chapter 3 for aircraft built in a given year and registered in EU28+EFTA after 2000
Figure 2.5 Continued implementation of latest NOx mitigation technology within certified engines
Table 2.1 Description of aircraft categories used in the analysis