• New processes to verify aircraft noise data and collect aircraft noise certificates are being put in place by EASA to support a harmonised approach to managing aircraft noise.
  • Between 2015 and 2018, the number of European airports participating in the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme has increased from 92 to 133, and the number of airports reaching CO2 neutral status rose from 20 to 37.
  • Marginally compliant Chapter 3 aircraft represented less than 5% of operations in Europe during 2017.
  • Noise and emissions charges are used extensively, but the low level of charges (less than 1% of airline operating costs) is unlikely to affect the fleet operating at airports.
  • Involvement of stakeholders, through a process such as Collaborative Environmental Management, is crucial to identifying balanced mitigation measures.
  • Airports are applying a range of mitigation measures to reduce their environmental impact.


ACI EUROPE Environmental Survey
This Chapter utilises information gathered from an environmental survey that ACI EUROPE undertook in 2018. Responses were received from 51 airports which is approximately 10% of members. Although this is a small portion of airports, this included about half of the busiest EU28+EFTA airports with over 5 million passengers per year and approximately 60% of annual EU28+EFTA airport passengers.