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CAAT – EASA Aviation Oversight Support Project

Improving air safety in Thailand

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) – EASA Aviation Oversight Support Project is a 2-year project designed to support CAAT in the development of aviation safety regulations and the strengthening of its safety oversight. 

Financed by the CAAT, the project will focus on improving CAAT’s compliance with international standards (ICAO) and addressing specific safety issues. The project team will consist of 7 experts that will perform their duties as assistant managers in the CAAT organisation. These experts, provided by and through EASA, will act as coaches / mentors of CAAT managers and support the day-to-day work of CAAT staff. 

Assistance will be provided to the following departments:

  • Aviation Safety Management Group
  • Flight Operations Standards Department
  • Airworthiness and Aircraft Engineering Department
  • Personnel Licensing Department
  • Aerodrome Standards Department
  • Air Navigation Services Standards Department
  • Security and Facilitation Standards Department

The project will have three core activities:

  1. Enhancing and reviewing the Regulatory and Institutional Framework
  2. Organisational capacity building of CAAT
  3. Technical capacity building of CAAT