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* WITHDRAWN*Lost part during transportation

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Dassault Aviation Falcon 900 and 2000
Part name
Counterbalance jack
Part Number
Serial Number

REMARK:  EASA has been informed that the subject lost part was found. The reporter has confirmed they have received the part from the logistic supplier on the 28/08/2020. The part has been inspected and no visual or physical defects were found. A new Statement of conformity with the number 80383651 and an EASA Form 1 with the number DS27938 were issued. 

The new documentation regarding to the inspection and recertification of the part are in accordance with the implementing rules of the Basic regulation (EU) 2018/1139. For this reason, the Counterbalance jack with the P/N 222900-1M03 and S/N 3650 is now withdrawn from the EASA SUP list, as the recertified part is now eligible for installation on an aircraft.

EASA has become aware of the aircraft part Counterbalance jack with P/N: 222900-1M03 and  S/N: 3650, that was lost during transportation. The product was shipped on the 03rd of February, 2020. The delivery and statement of conformity for this S/N has the number D50080378563 and EASA Form 1 number DS26312.
This part has to be considered unapproved and not eligible for installation on an aircraft.

Recommendations: If this part is found in stock, it is recommended that the part is quarantined in order to prevent installation on an aircraft until a determination can be made regarding its eligibility for installation.

It is also recommended to maintenance organisations, aircraft owners, and operators to check if the unapproved part is not already installed on an in-service aircraft. If so, this part should be replaced with an approved one. The unapproved part should be quarantined until a determination can be made regarding its eligibility for installation.

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