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CASA 2019-08 – Unapproved parts distributed by Sofly Aviation Services, Inc.

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On January 28, 2020 the TCCA has published the CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Alert) 2019-08.

This Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) is to alert owners, operators, maintainers and distributors to suspected unapproved parts distributed by Sofly Aviation Services, Inc. of Miami Lakes, Florida, United States of America.

Several service difficulty reports have been submitted to Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) stating that Sofly Aviation Services, Inc. seems to have distributed parts with falsified Authorized Release Certificates (ARCs).

The falsified ARCs appear to have been, but were not actually, signed by approved manufacturing or maintenance organisations outside of Canada using a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 8130-3 or European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Form 1. The organisations named on the ARCs deny manufacturing or maintaining the parts in question and deny that the personnel who certified the parts ever worked for their organisations.

A falsified ARC renders the affected part as being unapproved for installation on Canadian registered aircraft in accordance with Subpart 571 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and puts the part’s airworthiness in question.

Refer to CASA 2019-08 issued by TCCA.

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