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2015-21 FT021130

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Part name
Part Number

Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile (ENAC), the national airworthiness authority of Italy, informed EASA about unapproved spare parts, manufactured and sold by Iacobucci Equipment and Service (IES) Srl and intended, for installation on, but not limited to, trolleys as identified in the Applicability of this SIB. IES is located in Località Colle Baiocco snc, 03013 Ferentino, Italy, and does not hold Production Organisation Approval (POA) issued under Regulation (EU) 748/2012, Annex I, Part 21. IES is not related with the manufacturer of the trolleys, Iacobucci HF Aerospace (IHFA) Spa, which holds a Part 21 POA (approval reference: IT.21G.0037).
Before IHFA, the following POA organisations were approved by ENAC for manufacturing the part numbers listed in the Applicability of this SIB and relevant spare parts: Iacobucci Spa until 10 November 2010, Iacobucci ATS Spa until 10 November 2014. Both organisations had approval reference IT.21G.0023. On 10 November 2014 Iacobucci ATS Spa was incorporated into the Iacobucci HF Aerospace Spa IT.21G.0037.
A list of the unapproved spare parts includes: pedal brakes, pedal support, pin, stop arrester, hinge, ball latch, spring, latch top late, door assembly, plate bottom caster locker, solid reinforced extrusion lock, top end rear, tag, bolts, bracket handle.
Table 1 of this SIB provides a partial list of these parts; other unapproved parts may have been also sold by IES.
At this time, the safety concern described in this SIB is not considered to be an unsafe condition that would warrant Airworthiness Directive (AD) action under Regulation (EU) 748/2012, Part 21.A.3B.

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