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Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS)

Please note that Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS) for UK manufacturers will be reviewed in due time and updated accordingly.

Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS)
Issue Code Model TCDS TCDS for Noise
01 EASA.IM.BA.110 Kavanagh HAB view
04 EASA.IM.E.228 Honeywell International Inc. LTS101 series engines view
03 EASA.A.443 Z 37 T - Series View Issue 0224/01/2012 view
04 EASA.A.108 ZLIN Z 50 - Series View Issue 0424/08/2009 view
03 EASA.A.563 OMA SUD Skycar View Issue 0108/01/2010 view
05 EASA.A.075 G 120A
View Issue 0324/04/2013 view
01 EASA.IM.P.190 McCauley Propeller Systems - McCauley D3A and 3A series propellers view
04 EASA.IM.A.086 HR200 and R2000 series View Issue 0519/05/2015 view
01 EASA.A.434 HB-Flugtechnik HB-21 View Issue 0425/03/2021 view
02 EASA.A.138 LS9

A.138 LS9

View Issue 0102/04/2008 view
01 EASA.IM.A.211 MD-90-30, B717-200 View Issue 0701/09/2015 view
EASA.IM.R.123 Hughes 369HS View Issue 0306/01/2010 view
05 EASA.A.074 Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus T View Issue 0306/01/2010 view
02 EASA.IM.A.351 Antonov 26 View Issue 0128/09/2009 view
01 EASA.A.173 Dassault Falcon 10 View Issue 0207/09/2010 view
04 EASA.IM.A.343 Liberty XL-2 View Issue 0305/08/2010 view
01 EASA.P.176 Ales KREMEN Z-42.6413 series propellers view
01 EASA.E.023 Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR700-715 series engines view
01 EASA.P.024 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. V 410 series propellers view
01 EASA.P.022 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. V 210 series propellers view
01 EASA.P.023 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. V 310 series propellers view
01 EASA.IM.A.266 Mooney M20M - M20R View Issue 0209/07/2014 view
01 EASA.P.025 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. V 500 series propellers view
01 EASA.P.026 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. V 503 series propellers view
01 EASA.P.030 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. V 520 series propellers view
01 EASA.P.027 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. V 506 series propellers view
02 EASA.E.083 Limbach L2000 series engines view
01 EASA.IM.A.239 Piper PA-32 View Issue 0215/09/2020 view
02 EASA.IM.E.013 Pratt and Whitney Canada PW545 series engines view
02 EASA.A.299 Taifun 17 E View Issue 0320/10/2014 view
01 EASA.E.065 Rolls-Royce Deutschland Dart series engines view
01 EASA.E.066 CFM International S.A. - CFM56-2/-3 series engines view
01 EASA.A.200 Instytut Lotnictwa I-23 Manager View Issue 0112/07/2010 view
01 EASA.IM.A.162 Tupolev TU 204-120CE View Issue 0108/10/2008 view
01 EASA.IM.E.040 Rolls-Royce Corporation AE 2100 series engines view
01 EASA.IM.E.232 Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company (LHTEC) series engines view
02 EASA.A.087 PW-5 Smyk view
01 EASA.A.131 Eta

A.131 Eta

View Issue 0117/03/2008 view
03 EASA.P.002 Dowty R 408 series propellers view
01 EASA.P.500 Binder Motorenbau GmbH BM series propellers view
02 EASA.A.454 IS-28M2 Series View Issue 0217/03/2009 view
02 EASA.P.011 DG Flugzeugbau DG-P001-1 series propellers view
01 EASA.IM.E.078 Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-41 series engines view
01 EASA.A.188 BAC 1-11 View Issue 0107/08/2007 view
02 EASA.A.057 PZL M-26 View Issue 0322/10/2007 view
01 EASA.BA.108 Woerner FK-STU/280 view
02 EASA.IM.E.039 Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6B-36 series engines view
02 EASA.P.001 MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH MTV-16 series propellers view
01 EASA.P.110 Helice Evra series propellers view
01 EASA.A.452 IS 29 Series view
01 EASA.A.449 B1-PW-5 view
01 EASA.A.445 Z-37 - Series view
01 EASA.A.446 SZD-48 Jantar Standard 2 and Brawo view
01 EASA.A.312 SZD-50-3 Puchacz view
01 EASA.IM.E.028 Pratt and Whitney Canada PW610 series engines view
01 EASA.IM.E.025 Pratt and Whitney Canada PW615 series engines view
01 EASA.A.442 VSO 10
01 EASA.A.441 SZD-52 Krokus view
02 EASA.A.039 MDM-1 FOX view
01 EASA.IM.E.024 Superior Air Parts O-360 series engines view
01 EASA.P.016 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. AV-843 series propellers view
01 EASA.IM.E.077 Pratt and Whitney Canada JT15D series engines view
01 EASA.E.086 Franklin 2A-120 series engines view
01 EASA.E.088 Franklin 6A-350 series engines view
01 EASA.E.087 Franklin 4A-235 series engines view
02 EASA.A.076 Binder ASH 25 EB View Issue 0108/01/2007 view
01 EASA.E.082 Limbach L1700 series engines view
01 EASA.A.094 LS 6 view
01 EASA.A.088 PW-6

A.088 PW-6

04 EASA.A.043 Aircraft Industries (LET) L-200 View Issue 0112/07/2010 view
02 EASA.BA.006 Woerner FK-5500/STU view
02 EASA.A.048 LS8-t View Issue -06/01/2010 view
01 EASA.P.014 Sportine Aviacija LAK-P4-90 series propellers view
03 EASA.IM.A.016 Gulfstream GIV view
02 EASA.IM.A.002 Gulfstream view
01 EASA.A.041 Allstar PZL SZD-48-3 Jantar Standard 3 view
01 EASA.P.007 MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH MTV-11 series propellers view
01 EASA.P.008 MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH MTV-17 series propellers view
01 EASA.BA.011 Woerner K-STU view
01 EASA.BA.007 Augur AL-30 view
01 EASA.IM.E.020 Pratt and Whitney USA PW6000 series engines view
01 EASA.BA.008 Woerner FKP-STU view
01 EASA.P.005 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. AV-842 series propellers view
01 EASA.A.034 Schleicher ASW 28-18 E View Issue 0308/09/2015 view
01 EASA.P.003 AVIA - Propeller Ltd. AV-844 series propellers view
01 EASA.IM.A.031 Symphony Aircraft Industries OMF-100-160 View Issue 0108/01/2007 view
01 EASA.A.029 EV-97 VLA View Issue 0129/01/2007 view
01 EASA.A.017 Schleicher ASW 28 view
03 EASA.A.012 LAK-19
View Issue 0306/01/2010 view