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Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS)

Please note that Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS) for UK manufacturers will be reviewed in due time and updated accordingly.

Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS)
Issue Code Model TCDS TCDS for Noise
01 EASA.P.129 Hartzell HC-B5M series propeller view
02 EASA.P.175 Ales KREMEN V218 series propellers view
06 EASA.A.099 Scheibe sailplanes view
03 EASA.A.439 Diamond DV 20 View Issue 0425/01/2016 view
02 EASA.A.092 Lange E1 Antares View Issue 0225/01/2016 view
01 EASA.A.598 Breezer B600 View Issue 0122/01/2016 view
11 EASA.A.098 Scheibe powered sailplanes View Issue 0915/06/2018 view
03 EASA.IM.A.097 Cessna 750 (Citation X) View Issue 0528/08/2018 view
03 EASA.R.007 PZL W-3A View Issue 0215/08/2016 view
06 EASA.A.169 Airbus A400M View Issue 0429/01/2015 view
04 EASA.P.012 Ratier-Figeac FH385-FH386 series propellers view
01 EASA.E.127 GTD-350 Series Engine view
01 EASA.E.128 PZL-10W view
01 EASA.E.129 TWD-10B/PZL-10S view
06 EASA.A.011 Extra 400
View Issue 0318/01/2012 view
02 EASA.IM.A.228 Gulfstream G150 View Issue 0113/07/2007 view
09 EASA.IM.A.070 Gulfstream GII, GIII, GIV, GV View Issue 1028/09/2015 view
04 EASA.IM.E.051 Pratt and Whitney Canada PW306 series engines view
04 EASA.A.079 Sky Arrow View Issue 0404/03/2013 view
01 EASA.IM.P.188 (B)HC-L2YF, BHC-G2YF series propellers view
01 EASA.IM.E.059 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T series engines view
07 EASA.IM.E.017 Pratt and Whitney Canada PW206 and PW207 series engines view
04 EASA.E.219 Solo 2350 series engines view
01 EASA.AS.127 WDL Luftschiffgesellschaft WDL I - Series view
03 EASA.A.157 DG-Flugzeugbau LS 10 series View Issue 0115/12/2009 view
04 EASA.P.010 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. AV-723 series propellers view
05 EASA.E.044 Rolls-Royce Corporation AE3007 series engines view
05 EASA.E.140 WSK PZL-Kalisz S.A. - ASz-62IR series engines view
02 EASA.A.241 Glasfluegel Sailplanes view
02 EASA.A.591 FFA Aircraft View Issue 0131/05/2012 view
01 EASA.P.093 MTV-5


01 EASA.IM.P.135 Hartzell Propeller HC-H3Y()-(), PHC-H3Y()-() series propellers view
04 EASA.A.448 AMS-Flight Carat A View Issue 0130/04/2007 view
03 EASA.P.094 MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH MTV-6 series propellers view
03 EASA.A.191 BAe Systems Jetstream 3100 and 3200 View Issue 0121/05/2009 view
03 EASA.A.182 Bae 146/AVRO 146 RJ View Issue 0429/05/2017 view
02 EASA.A.397 BAe HS 748 View Issue 0210/07/2012 view
02 EASA.A.192 BAe ATP View Issue 0208/10/2010 view
03 EASA.A.189 BAe Jetstream 4100 View Issue 0230/07/2010 view
02 EASA.A.510 CEAPR DR 200 series View 30/12/2014 view
03 EASA.IM.P.127 Hartzell Propeller HC-B4T series propellers view
02 EASA.P.015 Lange LF-P42 series propellers view
02 EASA.E.015 Lange EA42 series engines view
01 EASA.IM.E.049 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150 series view
01 EASA.E.108 E.108 PSR T01 series engine view
04 EASA.IM.E.106 Erikson Air-Crane Inc JFTD12A series engines view
04 EASA.IM.A.055 Waco YMF Series View Issue 0516/10/2014 view
01 EASA.IM.P.128 Hartzell Propeller Inc.HC-B4M series propellers view
02 EASA.IM.E.094 Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-100 series engines view
04 EASA.IM.E.026 Engine Alliance GP7200 series engines view
01 EASA.IM.A.210 Boeing DC-10 and MD-11 series View Issue 0127/04/2015 view
EASA.A.551 CEAPR DR 220 series View 23/10/2013 view
02 EASA.A.301 Schempp-Hirth Ventus powered sailplanes View Issue 0123/03/2011 view
03 EASA.P.009 Aero AT Sp Elprop 3 series propellers view
07 EASA.IM.E.011 Honeywell TFE731-20, -40, -50, -60 series engines view
02 EASA.P.105 MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH 5400 series propellers view
05 EASA.A.353 Moravan Z 26 - Series View Issue 0708/12/2020 view
01 EASA.A.579 Scheibe SF23 View Issue 0116/09/2013 view
08 EASA.A.025 Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus view
07 EASA.A.362 EA300 series View Issue 1005/04/2016 view
05 EASA.P.031 AVIA - Propellers Ltd. AV-725 series propellers view
02 EASA.A.608 VULCANAIR SF600 View Issue 0228/02/2014 view
04 EASA.IM.P.132 Hartzell Propeller HC-E3YR and I3YR series view
03 EASA.A.274 Schempp Hirth Ventus sailplanes view
01 EASA.P.048 MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH MTV-33 series propellers view
01 EASA.IM.E.092 Air Repair Inc. R-755 view
01 EASA.A.374 CEAPR ATL series View Issue 0123/10/2013 view
EASA.A.552 CEAPR DR 253 series View 23/10/2013 view
01 EASA.A.372 CEAPR R 3000 series View Issue 0208/11/2016 view
02 EASA.IM.A.341 Beriev Be-103 View Issue 0104/03/2013 view
06 EASA.A.143 Stemme TSA-M View Issue 0412/02/2013 view
02 EASA.IM.E.043 Pratt and Whitney PW4000-100 series engines view
06 EASA.IM.P.187 Hartzell Propeller HC-J3Y Series propellers view
01 EASA.BA.020 Aerophile 5500 view
03 EASA.IM.A.212 Learjet M60 View Issue 0305/12/2011 view
01 EASA.IM.E.050 Pratt and Whitney PW4000-94 series engines view
01 EASA.R.144 Mecaer Aviation Group NH-500D and AMD500N view
EASA.A.104 SF 27A (Scheibe Aircraft) view
EASA.A.101 Specht (Scheibe Aircraft) view
01 EASA.IM.E.032 Lycoming IO-360 series engines view
EASA.A.106 Scheibe SF 30 Club Spatz view
EASA.A.103 SF 26A (Scheibe Aircraft) view
EASA.A.100 Spatz (Scheibe Aircraft) view
EASA.A.105 Zugvogel (Scheibe Aircraft) view
EASA.A.102 Sperber (Scheibe Aircraft) view
EASA.A.107 Scheibe SF 28 A Tandem Falke View 10/02/2010 view
03 EASA.A.512 EB28

A.512 EB28

View Issue 0320/07/2012 view
05 EASA.IM.A.223 Diamond DA 20-A1, DA 20-C1 View Issue 0301/04/2011 view
01 EASA.A.278 Standard Cirrus view
01 EASA.A.538 Schleicher ASH 31 Mi View Issue 0125/01/2012 view
01 EASA.IM.AS.500 American Blimp Corporation A-1 Series view
04 EASA.A.250 Grob Sailplanes View Issue 0124/01/2011 view
02 EASA.A.364 GROB G 115 View Issue 0128/08/2009 view
01 EASA.BA.521 Cameron GB view
02 EASA.A.252 AV 68 Samburo View Issue 0422/11/2010 view
06 EASA.IM.A.018 Maule M-4 View Issue 0915/09/2020 view
EASA.A.577 Scheibe SF34 view
EASA.A.578 Scheibe SF36 View 15/06/2011 view
01 EASA.A.115 ZL Marganski & Myslowski EM-11C Orka View Issue 0108/04/2011 view
01 EASA.E.085 Austro Engine AE50R series engines view