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COCAM - Comparison and harmonisation of Aircraft Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) event monitoring


The main objective of the project is to survey existing TCAS monitoring activities performed by EU Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers. A comparative analysis of monitoring techniques used has been performed with the aim to identify the series of harmonisation actions required to support the comparison and consolidation of TCAS event data, while considering different levels for their analysis (e.g. local / national / regional geographical extent).

The scope of the project covers the different aspects of TCAS performance monitoring as follows:

  • Technical performance of TCAS system and aircraft transponder systems: systematic identification of system failures and notification processes of operators and safety regulators;
  • Operational performance and safe use of TCAS by Flight crews: this covers the operational relevance of TCAS RA and response given by Flight crews

A comparison of current practices (as observed through the survey) against target objectives for ACAS monitoring allowed identifying best (good) practices, limitations and gaps in the ACAS monitoring activities carried out currently.