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Ice Water Content of clouds at high altitude (HighIWC)


In the view of changing aircraft operation envelope due to increasing performance of modern aircraft and having in mind a potential climate change and consequent changing environmental operating conditions the objective of this research project aimed at studying of the variety of fundamental scientific issues related to the microphysical properties and structure of deep convective cloud systems over land and over the warm tropical ocean, and the engineering and scientific issues related to characteristics of these convective clouds.

Secondly the project aimed at validating of the environment envelope in the proposed amendments of certification rules or compliance in mixed phase and glaciated icing conditions including the identification of areas which require a further amendment / extension of the envelope and the definition of necessary actions for a more detailed flight test characterisation with in particular determination of the composition of cloud masses at high altitude with the appropriate precision.

Contributing on one hand to the improvement of aviation safety, the results also allow to be used as a unique resource for further fundamental research, for new industrial developments of engines, air data systems, and detection and/or awareness technologies to be fitted on aircraft and able to alert the flight crew when entering particular icing conditions.