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Deviation Request #61 ETSO-C113#2 – Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Displays

Use of SAE ARP4256A deviate from § and § to allow a higher minimum luminance.

Deviate from ETSO-C113 §3.1.1 which references SAE AS8034 (Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Displays) to adapt some further referenced requirements of SAE ARP4256A for Liquid Crystal Displays for Part 25 (Transport) Aircraft to meet human factors’ analysis of a specific installation: assess High Ambient Contrast Ratio on the installation instead of using generic criteria as defined in SAE ARP4256A § Indicate the corresponding limitation in the Declaration of Design and Performance.

Deviate from SAE ARP4256A § for minimum luminance. Contrary to SAE ARP4256A § which requires the minimum luminance to be inferior or equal to 0.343 cd/m2 , it is not possible for this display to diminish the luminance value under 1.88cd/m2


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