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NPA 2014-27

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations’ (CAMOs) and Part-145 organisations’ responsibilities

The objective of this Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) is to mitigate the risks linked to a faulty assessment of the responsibilities of CAMOs and maintenance organisations, especially in relation to the coordination needed in complex maintenance and operational arrangements. This includes the following aspects:

(a) the responsibilities linked to the determination of the airworthiness of the aircraft, including the procedures and documentation needed to ensure its notification to the flight crew;

(b) the responsibilities linked to the performance, coordination and release of maintenance;

(c) the process followed for the release of maintenance.

This NPA mostly affects Part-145 organisations involved in aircraft maintenance (A-rated organisations). Generally, Part-145 organisations involved in component maintenance (B/C/D-rated), Subpart-F maintenance organisations, and independent certifying staff are not involved in such complex maintenance arrangements.