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CRD 2015-02

Systematic review and transposition of existing FAA TSO standards for parts and appliances into EASA ETSOs

This comment-response document (CRD) contains the comments received on notice of proposed amendment (NPA) 2015-02 (published on 27.07.2015) and the responses, or a summary thereof, provided thereto by the Agency.

The proposed amendments revises the CS-ETSO in order to:

  1. modify a number of ETSOs in order to harmonise them with the corresponding FAA TSOs;
  2. introduce new ETSOs (Index 1) which are, where possible, technically similar to existing FAA TSOs; and
  3. introduce a new ETSO (Index 2), not existing in the FAA TSO series (i.e. ETSO-2C515 Aircraft halocarbon Clean Agent — Handheld fire extinguisher).

The proposed changes are expected to reduce the regulatory burden for validation of FAA TSO authorisations by EASA and vice versa, increase cost-effectiveness, and align CS-ETSO to the state of the art.

Based on the comments on NPA 2015-02 and the responses thereto, Decision 2016/013/R was developed.