CRD 2014-21

Update of CS ADR-DSN.D.260 Taxiway minimum separation distance

This Comment-Response Document (CRD) contains the comments received on NPA 2014-21 (published on 3 September 2014) and the responses provided thereto by the Agency.

The purpose of the NPA was to propose amendments to CS ADR-DSN.D.260 ‘Taxiway minimum separation distance’ (‘CS-ADR-DSN – Initial issue’). This revision is proposed to be performed in advance of the formal adoption of identical draft changes in the respective ICAO provisions, which are expected to be adopted in 2016. As the European airport industry, together with the respective competent authorities, currently perform a substantial certification process following Commission Regulation (EU) No 139/2014, this certification process would need to take into account these envisaged changes in order to facilitate the process and to avoid unnecessary, potentially significant increase in effort. Therefore, the changes in the respective CS are proposed by the Agency to be adopted without delay.

Commentators strongly and unanimously supported the proposal provided in the NPA. Comments led to further improvements in form of minor administrative changes to related CS and the creation of one new paragraph in GM, to give better clarity of the CS requirement.

For information, the draft CS/GM is published in this CRD.

Based on the comments and responses, Decision 2015/001/R was developed.

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