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CRD 2014-03

Engine Vibration Surveys

The aim of rulemaking task RMT.0176 is to address a clarity-of-rules/economic issue related to compliance with CS-E 650 Vibration Surveys.

This update was mainly triggered by the practical difficulties related to compliance with CS-E 650. CS-E 650 and AMC E 650 have been updated in order to both clarify and reflect the current certification practice. Certain prescriptive requirements in the rule have been moved to the AMC, but the scope and intent of the rule has not been changed. The AMC has been reorganised and expanded. Links with the other requirements have been updated.

These changes are expected to maintain safety, reduce regulatory burden and increase cost-effectiveness.

This Comment-Response Document (CRD) contains the comments received on NPA 2014-03 (published on 5 February 2014) and the responses provided by the Agency.

AMC E 650 has been updated based on the comments received. These updates consist of clarifications, corrections or addition of Guidance Material (GM), while the main principles and substance of the AMC have been maintained. A summary of the main comments, responses, and AMC changes is provided in Chapter 2 of this CRD.

Decision 2015/009/R has been developed taking into account the comments and responses in this CRD.